The Legal Bit…

First Things First!

Welcome to this Blog and our Readings.  We hope that you find the posts and articles of use and interesting to read.  There is a variety on offer from Theme of the Week to Messages from your Guardian Angel and everything else in between.  If there is a particular topic that isn’t covered here in our posts, reach out via the Contact page and let us know what you would like to see. Don’t forget to order your own one to one personal Reading in our Readings Shop. Again, welcome and enjoy.

The Legal Bit…

For legal purposes, please understand that these Readings are for entertainment purposes only, so enjoy them with that in mind.  We at  SimplyYouToday.com cannot be held responsible for any decisions or actions you take as a result of these posts, articles and Readings.  They are not intended to replace legal, medical or psychological advice.

Due to regulations, we are not allowed and cannot, under any circumstances, answer any questions on health, pregnancy, finances or legal matters.  So don’t ask us for this week’s lottery numbers!

These Readings are general only, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.  As always, the choice is yours. These Readings are only possible indications, ideas and suggestions.  It’s up to you to make your own decisions. 

Think of these Readings and posts as your friend, and use them as you would your friend, to consult with, ask, talk to and so on. Your friend wouldn’t make decisions for you, rather they would help you to decide for yourself.  You have free will and can change your mind at any time.  

Remember, that any decisions you make will and can change at a moments notice, as you live your life, things are constantly changing and evolving, as they should, in a natural and organic way.  If you have an important decision to make and just are not sure what to do, do nothing, give yourself time and then come back to it at a later time.  You are in control, you are the driver of your own life, no one else is.

By purchasing any of the Readings in the Readings Shop, here, you are agreeing that you:

  1. Are over 18 years of age.
  2. You understand that all sales are final, no refunds can be offered, once the Reading has been sent to the email supplied in the order, or completed face to face via Zoom.