Leslie Bennett

Wow, my reading with Deb was spot on and her guidance has been so helpful to me. While going though a major upheaval in my life, the reading with Deb really served to ground me and gain more focus on my own path without the distraction of other energies pulling me away from my own divine purpose. To me, Deb is obviously in her own divine purpose sharing her gifts to support healing, growth and progress and she is certainly doing an awesome job at it!

Shaun Collins

I have to say I don’t normally do reviews, however my Reading with Deb was so insightful and inspiring. After spending some time getting the question just right, Deb proceeded to involve me in my own reading right from the get go, asking my opinions about the colours and images on the cards. I guess she was helping me to tap into my own intuition about my situation. I walked away feeling in control and with some definite action steps to take. Thank you Deb, I will definitely come back for more Readings in the future and recommend you to others

Kelly Wright

Thank you Deb so much for my amazing reading today. Every Card made complete sense to me. I feel now more empowered in my decision of moving forward and making sure I look after myself whilst enjoying the ride. I was blown away at how accurate the reading was and inspired to learn more myself now about angels and oracle cards. You are very calming and lovely to talk to. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Xxx

Sarah Taylor

This afternoon I had a 6 month reading with Debs Sakal. Debs was informative and intuitive throughout the reading. After an initial chat Debs ensured the question being asked was perfectly in alignment for everything that I required guidance with. Each card resonated with me and Debs’ deeper explanation of the meaning was so insightful and very intuitive. I came away from the reading with a buzz of excitement and clear action points for the next 6 months. I feel really supported and trusting of the universe and angelic realm guiding me now. I would thoroughly recommend a reading with Debs – Thank you Debs.

Soraya McGill-Reid

I had a great reading from Deb regarding what action I should take over the next few months regarding starting my business. Her reading was so clear, insightful and so relative it actually made me quite emotional but in such a positive way. Her reading was very empowering and I could relate to many things she was saying regarding having clear intentions and standing firm plus more. She even took time out before my reading to really personalise the question with me beforehand. It was a great reading! I definitely recommend Deb.  

Garima Vesudera

Thank you Deb for the profound reading. Every word in the reading really made sense to me and resonated with me. Your positivity made the session even more delightful. I am very sure that you will create a great impact in the lives of people you read for just like the impact you made in my life. Thank you very much. 

Lynn Dyer

I had a wonderful time chatting with Deb today. She is so inspirational. She was so helpful and patient. I felt like I was having tea with an old friend! I felt so uplifted and a lot more sure of myself and what needs to be done. I am looking forward to putting the information I gleaned today into action. Thanks so much Deb and wishing you the best in your future! 

Nandita Yedery

Thank you Deb Sakal for making time and giving me a Past – Present – Future reading. Thank you for conveying the wonderful messages and guidance from the universe. The information you conveyed was so clear and you explained every card so well. I liked that you asked me questions and also asked for my interpretation of the cards. I absolutely loved the card decks you chose for my reading, they were perfect, I too will purchase them. Thank you again, lots of blessings and success to you, you are doing great!!! 

Jenny Cazabon

I had an amazing reading yesterday from Deb. It was a very comprehensive 12 month reading which she used 2 different decks. One was with Archangels! So every month for the next year I know which Archangel to call upon for guidance! She helped me formulate the perfect question to ask for my next steps in starting my spiritual business. All the cards resonated with me soo much. I definitely recommend a reading with Deb. ?✨?

Claire Jh

I received a reading from Debs and she was very accurate and confirmed things I needed to know. I would recommend. X 

Nancy K Brooks

I received a 6-month reading yesterday and I was floored by the detailed information that will help guide me through the next 6 months. Each card was perfect for the question that we chose to ask and just right for me personally. I think anyone could benefit from a reading from Deb as I have. Thank you so very much for the time and attention that you put into my reading I am so very grateful! 

Wendy Wilson

Thanks Deb for the past two readings. You are very enthusiastic and helpful. Now it is a wait and see time and I’m looking forward to what unfolds for the future.