What does your Spirit Guide want you to know?

So, what precisely does your Spirit Guide want you to know today? Scroll down and choose your own cards to find out more.

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Your Spirit Guide is so very kind and gentle and she is filled with pure light, which she is sending out to you with a smile and much love.  She is surrounded by wonderful trees, which have beautifully coloured leaves of pink, orange and yellow.  The trees are sitting on a bed of green grass with the sun shining down on them giving life and light to all.

She asks that you keep your mind and heart open to all the possibilities that are around you right now.  You may feel that your options are limited, but they are not.  Be receptive to all opportunities that come your way, open that closed mind and really look to see what is right in front of you.  It’s easy to ignore the obvious when we are feeling unsure or apprehensive of what we should be doing.

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Overcoming Difficulties

This advice applies to all areas of your life that you feel are lacking.  Your relationships, career and work, finances and your general wellbeing.  Sometimes it is hard to balance all areas of our lives, but by taking just a few minutes today, stop and think about where you are and where you actually want to be.  Once you know what you want, you can start to plan how to get there.  

Then it becomes easy!  Simply start taking small action steps towards what you want.  Indeed, your Spirit Guide desperately wants you to know that you are not alone, that she is always with you, guiding you, holding your hand, motivating and inspiring you to achieve whatever it is that you want.

So go on, take that first step into your future., right now today!  And remember that your Spirit Guide is always there with you.  To ask for her help, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask her your question.  Then just know that she is there, working with you in the background, always on your side, always working for you.

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Card B

Focus on God’s Love

Your Spirit Guide is surrounding you with the pure white light and love of God, the Universe, Source, the Divine, All That Is – or whatever you want to call it.  Know that the Universe is supporting and encouraging you to keep taking action in your life, moving forwards, towards your goals and dreams.

She wants to tell you the importance of stopping from time time, to look around you to notice all the little steps and improvements that are happening.  Go with the flow as you move forwards without looking back, have the confidence to know that you are on the right path.

One Thing Spirit Guide 2 Post
Focus on God’s Love

Your Spirit Guide says that it’s okay to do something different too, to have fun and play.  Reconnect with your childlike innocence.  Sometimes we forget to be curious about life, so go ahead and kick up your heels from time to time! 

She wants you to know that your compassion and generosity towards others has not gone unnoticed, that she is proud of you when you focus on others rather than yourself, leading and guiding them on their journey.  It’s challenging sometimes to find the balance between looking after our own needs and the wellbeing of others.

When you are feeling unsure about what to do next, turn to your Spirit Guide, she wants you to know that she is always there for you, to help, inform and guide you.  You will feel her presence most keenly when you find time for quiet, when you are still and calm, maybe in meditation, or relaxing in the bath.  Just talk to her, as you would any friend.  At these times you can reconnect with your creativity, imagination, magic and spiritual connection.

Card C

Everything Changes

Your Spirit Guide wants to tell you that it’s okay to feel unsure about the changes happening in your life, both those from your past and those to come.  Change is a part of life of course, however that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when it comes.

He wants you to know that he is always around you, with his hand on your shoulder to support and encourage you, to motivate and inspire you.  To give you courage when you need it and energy for the tasks ahead.  

One Thing Spirit Guide 3 Post
Everything Changes

He says that there are new beginnings and opportunities waiting for you just around the corner and he will light up the way for you as you enjoy making progress along your path.  The keywords for you at present are progress and advancement, to keep moving forwards.  Don’t look back and have an action plan to navigate to your next destination towards your goals.

Your Spirit Guide also wants to point out the importance of taking some time out for yourself though, for spiritual growth, or just plain fun, joy and happiness!  Go outside into nature, feel the earth beneath your feet, look around at nature’s beauty, spend time and drink in her wonder.  Sit amongst the trees.

Know that you have the wisdom and knowledge you need at your fingertips, as you take action steps each and every day.  Have faith in your passion, purpose and self-belief and don’t hesitate to turn to your Spirit Guide when you need extra energy, vitality and joy.

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