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Card A

Hope & Happiness

May is the last month of meteorological Spring and this card parallels this feeling.  It’s all about hope and happiness, new beginnings and growth, opportunities and synchronicity.  The days are getting longer and your life is full of promise of what is to come.  Indeed this is an exciting time, so get yourself ready for a positive few months ahead, you are about to soar as you fly high.  Your mind is buzzing with energy, creativity and new ideas.

1 Card Pick May 1 Post
Health & Happiness

You are feeling so much more positive about your life than you have been for quite some time.  Of course, the whole world has been challenged by recent events, however for you, something new is about to begin.  Maybe a new job or project at work.  Or perhaps a new relationship is on the horizon, if you are single this will probably be a romantic one, however if you are already in a happy relationship, this could mean a new and important friendship or a business relationship.

Whatever the new chapter you are about to begin, embrace it and go with the flow, with courage and confidence.

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Card B

Unlimited Ideas

This month of May is all about action for you.  Acting on your ideas.  You’ve spent much time planning, thinking and biding your time.  Well, now it’s all going to come to fruition.  You are much like a cat coiled to take that jump, that leap of faith.  Well, jump my friend.  Start to take action steps towards your goals and dreams.  Right now, don’t delay a moment longer.  

1 Card Pick May 2 Post
Unlimited Ideas

The Universe is lighting your way to success, the time is so right for your plans to start to unfold.  If you are not sure where to start, just stop for a moment, take a deep breath and ask for guidance.  Listen to your inner voice for the guidance to take your ideas into concrete plans and activity. 

Indeed, there is a saying which basically states that, a year from now you will wish you had started today.  Do it!

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Card C

Third Eye Chakra

This Chakra is all about intuition and foresight, and this card is asking you to look within and trust your own instincts.   Whatever situation you find yourself in right now, stop and think for a moment.  Ask yourself some questions about which direction you want to go in, to enable you to make a decision as to how to proceed.

1 Card Pick May 3 Post
Third Eye Chakra

Your higher self, sub-conscious or whatever you call that small voice inside you, is trying to guide you, to give you the necessary wisdom, information and knowledge you need to move forwards positively.  Have the confidence to listen to, learn from and then to apply the information given.  Know that you already have all the tools and skills you need to accomplish whatever it is that you want. 

Lastly, don’t forget to pause to give thanks to yourself, for the wisdom and understanding given.

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Card D

Divine Guidance

This card is all about taking stock of where you are in your life, at this precise moment in time.  Perhaps you have been having thoughts and doubts recently about where you are going in your life, about the progress you have made, or lack of any forward movement.. 

1 Card Pick May 4 Post
Divine Guidance

Fear not, things are about to change, however you must stop and take some time out to consider alternative approaches or different perspectives, in order to adjust your path accordingly.  As this card suggests, you might be wise to consult friends, teachers or a mentor and those whose opinions you trust.  Indeed, surround yourself with other successful and positive people and leave behind those who are negative and would try to hold you back or stop you from achieving your goals. 

Have the determination and tenacity to embrace what’s ahead of you and leave behind that which doesn’t serve you anymore.

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