Things Your Guardian Angel Wants To Tell You

There are some important things your Guardian Angel wants to tell you today. To find out more, choose your cards below and read on.

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Overcoming Difficulties

The Archangel looking out for you today is Archangel Jeremiel.  He is all about helping you with any changes going on in your life, your spiritual side, your emotions, mental thoughts and clarity.  He says: “The worst is now behind you, and you are surmounting any previous challenges.”

Life over the last year has been difficult for so many of us, so please know that you are not alone in your struggles, whatever they may be.  Take strength from Archangel Jeremiel by taking a deep breath, closing your eyes and just meditating on his name.  Allow yourself to feel his warmth and strength flow through you when you need an extra boost.

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Overcoming Difficulties

As you move forwards, do so with the confidence of knowing that you are on the right path, you are making progress, even if you think you aren’t.  You are dear one!   Also please stop beating yourself up for things that are outside of your control. There is a saying that we are not given any challenges that we cannot actually overcome, and this is true for you.  

You are so strong and courageous and these challenges that you have faced, have only made you stronger, more tenacious.  Feel inspired and motivated and take time to celebrate each milestone, no matter how small.  You are totally awesome and all the angels are so very proud of you.

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Card B

Healer of Emotion

Archangel Muriel is all about emotion, intuition, peace and harmony.  She is less well known than some of the other angels, however that doesn’t mean she is any less powerful.  She often helps those who serve others in whatever capacity that may be.

She specifically wants to tell you that sometimes you are so busy looking after others, you forget to look after yourself.  It’s so important to ensure you are eating well, getting enough sleep and are getting some exercise, just a 10 minute walk outside would do you the world of good.  Also, take some time out with a good friend, allow them to make a fuss of you, rather than the other way around!

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Healer of Emotion

Also learn to trust your own intuition, that little voice inside your head, as more often than not, it will totally guide you in the right direction.  In fact you are very intuitive indeed and if this skill is nurtured and allowed to flourish, the insights you will have can be very powerful indeed.  

Today, take some time during your day to meditate, take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax your body and mind.  Ask your higher self to give you the strength to trust yourself so that you may continue to be of service to not only yourself, but to others, who would benefit from your wisdom, understanding and guidance.

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Card C


Archangel Raphael is most well known for helping with healing and wellbeing, both the spiritual, emotional and physical.  Don’t worry though, as if you don’t feel you need healing as such, this Archangel’s assistance is with general wellbeing too.  

Are you getting enough sleep for example, or maybe you need to look at what you are putting into your body, your nutrition.  Are you spending enough time outside in nature?  Or maybe you are spending too much time in front of your computer or game console?  These are all important issues that you need to look at.  

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Archangel Raphael is asking you to align yourself, your health and wellbeing and to make this your top priority.  By being kind to yourself and putting your own health first, you ensure that as you go about your life, you will be able to handle any challenges that come your way, both the big and small ones, but you will also be a strength to others too.

Why not take time out to read a book, or run yourself a hot bath, light some candles and just simply be for a while.  You deserve it.

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