3 Things to be Thankful For

Read on to find out what are 3 things to be thankful for today. You can personalise this reading by choosing your own cards below.

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  1. Celebrate You
    It’s important just to be thankful for YOU!  You probably don’t realise just how much others are so grateful to have you in their lives, you really are an integral part of their lives and even though they might not say anything to you, please know this.  Take some time to celebrate how wonderful you really are, maybe treat yourself with a trip to your favourite coffee shop with a friend.
  1. Detox
    Be thankful for your ongoing wellbeing.  Don’t forget to take some much needed time to relax and have some time just for you, away from the day to day push and pull of daily life.  Why not indulge in a hot relaxing bath, or maybe a favourite meditation, or just a walk in nature to refresh your very soul.  Remember to continue to eat healthily, take regular exercise and get enough sleep, moving forwards.
  1. You Are Safe
    Know that the Universe has your back.  You are safe and secure.  Also you are on the right path for you at this moment in time, don’t ever doubt this, trust your own intuition and feelings.  Just go with the flow and be confident, as you move forwards on your journey.

Group B

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  1. Decide the Outcome
    You are the boss of your own life.  Only you get to decide the how, what, when and why.  It’s amazing to have this choice, freedom and free will.  Understand that you really can do, be and have whatever you want in your life. Set the goal, start taking action steps and see where it takes you.
  1. Rise and Shine
    It’s important to be thankful that we get to wakeup each day into this wonderful and abundant world we live in.  Even when things are challenging and the sky outside may be grey, know that day always follows night, that the sun will always rise again, after the rain.  Your life is a continuous cycle of events, some easy, some more difficult.  You will never be given any challenges that you cannot overcome. Each new day brings new wonders to enjoy and outcomes.  Remember that you are powerful and you are amazing.
  1. Thank God
    It’s important to take time out to say thank you, whether you do this through prayer, mediation or even a walk in nature.  Whatever name you wish to call it: The Universe, Source, The Divine, All That Is, Goddess.  This card is reminding us to take some quiet time, from time to time, to practice gratitude.  When we are in the gratitude mindset, life seems to flow more easily, with opportunities and synchronicities coming into our lives far more easily.  So, appreciate you and your life and all that is within it and practice appreciation regularly.

Group C

Three Things Thankful 3 Post
  1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
    There is really no point stressing out over things we cannot control.  All we can do is decide what to do with what is in our own control and then to take action steps to achieve it.  It’s actually quite freeing to realise this important truth.  Moving forwards, try and be like a child, be curious and playful as you navigate the small stuff.
  1. Turn on the Light
    Sometimes we can’t see what is right in front of us, so just open your eyes and look straight ahead, focus in on what’s happening right now.  Is there something that you have been missing, or something that you haven’t wanted to see?  By taking the time to look closely at what’s important to you right now, you shine a light on those issues and give yourself a good overview of the situation, which in turn will start the process of opportunities and possibilities opening up right in front of you.  These are exciting times, if you just put on the light.
  1. Just Sing
    When was the last time you put on the radio and sang along, or just sang your favourite song as you go about your daily life?  It’s good to just let go and have a sing along.  It releases all those feel good feelings and emotions and at the same time, clears your head.  Take some time from your busy schedule to try this, and see how good you feel, it’s wonderful.

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