2022 At A Glance

Here is a quick look at 2022 at a glance.  Brief, on point, summaries of what you can expect from each month of 2022, the descriptions will give you a flavour of the theme for each month.

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2022 At A Glance

The Overall Theme of 2022

The overall theme of 2022 is being bold enough to take action.  The cards keywords are confident, passionate and adventurous.

2022 At A Glance Post - Theme of the Year
2022 Theme of the Year

Be playful, have fun and most important, make this the year that you start to take action towards one of your important goals, one that you feel passionate and excited about.

2022 At A Glance JanFebMar Post
January, February, March 2022

January 2022

The High Priestess

This year will set the tone of your year.  This January take extra care to listen to your own intuition, that little voice inside your head.  This voice has great wisdom and knowledge that you don’t consciously have access to, so ensure to listen and take note of what is said.  Lastly be kind and patient with yourself as you move forwards from January into February.  Take time to enjoy the now and just be in the moment.

February 2022

Ace of Pentacles

This is a wonderful month for you, full of promise.  You will find many opportunities will present themselves to you, be sure to investigate each and every one of them.  Which one resonates with you enough to start to take action on?  Don’t be afraid to go with the flow and meet them head on.  Start to take baby steps on one of your chosen opportunities and see where it takes you, as you move into March.  

March 2022

Nine of Pentacles

This is the start of the meteological season of Spring.  The season of new beginnings and possibilities.  Indeed it seems that you are feeling very content and happy this month. However, even though you’ve achieved success recently, know there is still more ahead for you to achieve.

So just take some time out this month to congratulate yourself on your accomplishments so far this year and to celebrate your wins.  Reward yourself with some wonderful indulgence of some sort, maybe book yourself a spa day, or a massage, or just take a moment for a luxurious bath with soft lights and scented candles.  

The point is, just enjoy the moment right now, before you go into action mode again, as you move positively forwards into April.

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2022 At A Glance AprMayJun Post
April, May, June 2022

April 2022

Ten of Cups

This month, turn your attention to your relationships with family, friends and your romantic partnerships.  It’s important to nourish and nurture all of your relationships, and don’t forget your business connections here as well.  

So ensure to spend some time with those important to you, meet for coffee or a meal sometime this month and don’t take any of them for granted.  As they say, count your blessings and make sure that you take the time this month to enjoy each and every one of your important relationships.  You may find as you get busier this year, that you don’t always have time to do this, so do it while you can! 

May 2022

Queen of Swords

This month it’s time to concentrate on your career and business.  Sometimes you need to cut through the nonsense and take charge of your own life, to release situations or people that no longer serve you.  Don’t forget to see the humour in difficult situations though.  

Indeed, right now is the time to develop your plans and set them into motion, remember that you are a successful and independent person and that your skills and experience are just what is needed at this moment in time.  Have the confidence and courage to take positive action as you move towards June.

June 2022

Five of Cups

Sometimes it’s important to understand that life doesn’t always go to plan, we will all have disappointments and wish we had acted differently or taken a different decision.  However, don’t be too hard on yourself when this happens, which it inevitably will.  Forgive yourself and others and pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start to take action again and move positively towards what it is that you are trying to achieve.  

Remember, baby steps forwards are more useful than wasting time on looking behind you and imaging what “coulda, shoulda, woulda” have been.  Yes acknowledge your mistakes, but then let them go as you move forwards into July.

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2022 At A Glance JulAugSep Post
July, August, September 2022

July 2022

Seven of Pentacles

This is the month to take stock of what you’ve achieved so far this year.  Take the time to sit down and examine your wins and “not so goods”, to compare your investment of time and resources with the results.  If it’s not what you wanted or thought it would be, then learn from them and recalculate your plans to take into account what has worked and what has not.  All good plans and goals have to be reviewed and adjusted from time to time.

Also be careful of being so excited about what you have achieved, that you ignore what’s not quite right.  Then start taking action again, with diligence, patience and understanding for yourself and those around you.  You are getting there, well done for keeping going, as you move into August.

August 2022

Nine of Swords

Something is worrying you this month and causing some sleepless nights.  As we discussed in June, sometimes this just happens and it’s a part of life.  Ensure you are patient with yourself and others, whilst you take the time to figure out what’s wrong and how to resolve it.

Know that there is a better course of action for you, so stop and think and reconsider all your options and find another, that will give you better results.  Don’t be impetuous here, instead be logical and ensure you are being honest with yourself too.  Slow and steady wins the race here, caution is key as you readjust once more and move positively forwards into September.

September 2022

The Empress

This is another excellent month to take action towards your plans and goals.  Creative projects will be very successful at this time, you can make it happen and you are currently in the perfect position to nurture them to their full potential, with your creativity and passion.  

So tap into that creative energy and your wonderful gifts, whilst also taking the time to celebrate, recognise and honour your achievements so far.  Abundance and prosperity are just around the corner, exciting times indeed as you move into October.

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2022 At A Glance OctNovDec Post
October, November, December 2022

October 2022

The Magician

Following on from the action orientated month of September, this month is all about manifestation, taking control and understanding that you are able to achieve whatever you want, as long as you have the desire, belief and expectation.  Of course, we all learn by trial and error, but it’s important to keep on going and taking action steps.  No one gets good at something without work and practice.

It’s important that you understand that you have the power to achieve whatever you desire and already have the necessary tools within and around you to do this.  Concentrate on focusing and honing your skills.  “The magic is inside you” is so very true here.

November 2022


This month is all about what you have within you.  And here you have great courage and perseverance.  As you are making steady and positive progress towards your goals, month by month, you are incredibly persistent and consistent, both crucial attributes necessary for success.

Know that you have more strength and power than you probably realise, so learn to use these traits consciously and purposefully.  You are definitely stronger than you think and have great fortitude, enabling you to overcome many obstacles on the way.  Practice this endurance, as you move into December, the last month of this year.

December 2022

Queen of Pentacles

This month, you can take pride in acknowledging your wins this year.  You have worked hard and smart, so take pride in that and take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labours.  Sometimes we all become too caught up in the actual doing, whilst forgetting to enjoy the process of creating.  

Also, right now, don’t worry too much about money and finances, it’s all going to plan, you are definitely on course.  Realise that life is full of gifts, if only we open our heart and spirit to them.  Prosperity and abundance comes in many forms, not just money.  As you move into 2023, be practical about how you proceed, and keep that ambition of yours bubbling away, as you continue to positively take action towards your goals.

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