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Card A

Treasure Island

The special treat for you is to realise that you have all the treasure you need right now, both inside of you and around you in your life.  You carry it with you.  You can stop looking outside for this.

Whether you are looking to deepen your existing romantic relationship, improve other relationships or make new friends, or perhaps you want to be more fulfilled in your work or career. with a new job or project.  Or you may want more income, to improve your financial position or to improve your general health and wellbeing. 

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Treasure Island

The good news, and the real treat, is that you can easily do all of these things, with the treasure trove of tools and skills you already possess.  All you need to do is to use them, or for faster results, increase your skills in some of them by taking courses or asking others for help.

It’s important for you to understand however, that you carry all of this abundance with you, wherever you go and whatever you do.  With this in mind, you can see how this means that you can be, do and have whatever you want, just decide what it is that you truly desire, then start taking action on the path to achieving it.

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Card B


Your treat is to realise that you can take some time out of your busy life, to stop, examine and acknowledge what you have achieved so far and then to celebrate it all.  Do this today, as it’s important to see how far you have come, in achieving your goals, rather than always concentrating on what you have left to do.  

We all need to stop every now and again, to think and listen, to recalculate and realign, in order to ensure we are still on the right path.

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Sometimes our goals change as we change, so if you need to adjust your route, this is ok, so do this now and then move forwards with confidence and conviction that you are on the right path.

Take time out to celebrate even the small wins with small rewards, you deserve it.  Remember not to forget to look around you as you travel on, don’t ignore all the opportunities and help that is all around you, know that they will appear at unexpected times and in unusual places.  Stop and look!  Grab it all with both hands, as it’s the Universe’s way of giving you that helping hand we all need, as you continue on your journey.

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Card C


Your magical treat is to understand that it’s now time to live your life for you, not for anyone else.  It’s time to be a little selfish and to put yourself first.  We all rush around, being busy in our everyday lives, doing tasks for others, putting other people before ourselves.  Well today, stop doing that and begin doing things for you, in your own way. 

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It’s wonderful that you are always there for those around you, however it’s time to go after your own goals, to do things your own way and to start accepting responsibility for your own life, and to stop using others as an excuse for not getting things done towards your own goals.

Balancing your own needs with the needs of others in your life can be challenging, there’s no doubt about that, so you would do well to think about how best to achieve this.  It really is a gift to be free to take action every day on your own goals, as well as being there for others in your life, so find that balance from today, as you move forwards over the next few weeks and months.

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