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Welcome to the Blog, it’s all about Oracle and Tarot Card Readings. We hope that you find the posts and articles of use and interesting to read.  There is a variety on offer, from Theme of the Week to Messages from your Guardian Angel and everything else in between.  If there is a particular topic that isn’t covered here in our posts, reach out via the Contact page and let us know what you would like to see. Don’t forget to order your own one to one personal Reading in our Readings Shop. Again, welcome and enjoy.

SYT- Sept 6 2021 - Card of the Day- Be A Beacon

How to use these Readings:

As we can’t give individual Readings to everyone in this blog, here is how to use these Readings.  We’ve introduced as much choice and personalisation as we can, within the confines of these blog posts.  

We do this by offering you different stacks and groups of cards within some posts.  You then have a choice as to which cards resonate with you, which feels right for you and which you are drawn towards.  

If you’re not sure which to choose, don’t worry and take your time, close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Take a few moments to meditate on which card is for you today.  When you are ready, open your eyes and make your choice.  

Once you have chosen your cards, scroll down to your personal Reading.  Of course, if you are torn between two different cards, feel free to read the meanings for each one.  

Lastly, it’s important to note that it doesn’t matter what date any of these posts were originally written and published.  What matters is that you have seen it TODAY.  This means that the message in this Reading is meant for you right now, today, no matter what the original date.  

If you want A Personal Reading:

If you want truly personal, one to one Readings, head on over to our shop where there are a variety of Email Readings from £9.00, to Face to Face Readings via Zoom.  Click here to get yours now.

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It’s Important to Remember:

Our lives and futures are generally determined by the decisions and choices we make on a daily basis, underpinned by the information we have at the time.  Oracle and Tarot cards can provide guidance and additional information such as, “if you do this, you can expect that”, for example: if you accept this promotion, here is what you can expect in that role.  It’s less effective at indicating whether you will actually do something, for example: whether you will marry that person or move to another city.  As that choice is always yours to make, however it can tell you what you might expect as a result of that decision or choice.  

Remember you are the driver of your own car, only you can ultimately decide what you will, or will not, do, say, be or have in your own life.  These Readings can only ever help with these decisions, they cannot decide for you or take away your own choice.

What Oracle and Tarot Card Readings CAN Do:

It’s important to understand that these Oracle and Tarot card Readings are only a tool to enable you to have your own conversation with the Universe.  

Note that the Universe has many other names, including: God, The Holy Spirit, Source, The Divine, Divine Source, The Universe, Spirit, Higher-Self, All That Is, Conscious Intelligence, Goddess, or whatever you feel happy using.  All these names describe that wonderful energy that is bigger than ourselves and guides us all in our journey through life.  

Please use these Readings to receive information, wisdom, understanding, guidance, clarity, practical solutions and sometimes action steps to enable you to manifest what you truly desire and to move forwards positively through your life.  Indeed to live your best life, with tenacity, joy and grace.

These readings are designed to help you with both the simple everyday questions, situations and concerns, together with the more important and sometimes life changing choices and decisions.  Whether it’s love, family, career, general abundance or spirituality, these Readings can help you.

You may have questions about your relationships, be they love, family or work related ones.  Or perhaps you have issues around your work, career and business.  Or what about the levels of abundance in your life?  You may also have deep questions about your spirituality.  These Readings can help answer all these questions and more and give you the confidence to decide what your next steps might be.

Here at SimplyYouToday.com, we are always grateful, honoured and privileged to pass on this guidance and understanding to you.

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What Oracle and Tarot Card Readings CANNOT Do:

These Oracle and Tarot card Readings are not used to predict the future, what may or may not happen.  Rather, however, as a way to understand what is going on in your life at any given moment: the influences, people, energy, patterns and situations.  By using the cards in this way, they enable you to better make the decisions you wish make, thus working with your life, rather than against it.  

Understand that Oracle and Tarot cards cannot be used to pinpoint exact dates for things, nor can they tell you 100% that something will happen, or not happen.  This is because as human beings, we have been given 100% free will to live our own lives, our way.

It’s important to understand that we always have choice and free will and the more insights and clarity we have about a certain question or situation, the better equipped we are to make the right decisions, both the small mundane everyday ones, as well as the big important ones.  

Oracle and Tarot Card Readings

What Else Do I Need To Know about Oracle and Tarot Cards:

We all have inner intuition, and the cards are just one of many ways of accessing and trusting that.  By speaking with the cards in their language, we are able to access that guidance, knowledge, understanding and wisdom required, to then take the appropriate action to move forwards with our lives on an everyday level.

There is a distinct language that Oracle and Tarot cards use, which is made up of images, symbols, metaphors, colours and keywords.  This “language” is used to convey the “knowingness” that will answer our questions and provide the guidance and support that we need.

The perfect attitude is one of consulting the cards for guidance, clarity, reassurance and confidence about something in your life, to help you to make the decisions and choices you want to make and then to take action on those decisions.  Much like you would consult and confide in a close friend.  Look on these Oracle and Tarot cards as another friend, always on your side, willing to help you.

We need to be active participants in our own lives, and you have the power within you to change your own life and the free will to choose your own circumstances, through your own choices and decisions.  You don’t need anyone else’s permission to live your life your way.  These Readings can help you to discover the range of options and outcomes that may be available to you, at any given moment in time, to suit what you are trying to achieve.

The Readings provided here are in a style that is positive and action oriented.  They are all totally safe and gentle.  In addition, whilst we recognise that we all face challenges and struggles during our lives, these situations are always acknowledged in a supportive, encouraging and positive manner.  Challenges usually lead to new beginnings and the saying that when one door closes, another one opens, is very true here.

Our Readings offer inspiration and solutions for everyday questions, along with those life-changing and important situations too.  With each Reading offering positive and practical insight, guidance and messages, specifically for you.

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In Conclusion:

With any Reading, understand that nothing is set in stone.  The potential outcomes in our lives are constantly changing, according to the decisions and choices we make on a daily basis, minute by minute.  Therefore, Oracle and Tarot Readings can only ever show us what could be, instead of what will be.  Our aim is always to give honest and helpful insight and guidance.

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The Legal Bit…

For legal purposes, please understand that these Readings are for entertainment purposes only, so enjoy them with that in mind.  We at  SimplyYouToday.com cannot be held responsible for any decisions or actions you take as a result of these posts, articles and Readings.  They are not intended to replace legal, medical or psychological advice.

Due to regulations, we are not allowed and cannot, under any circumstances, answer any questions on health, pregnancy, finances or legal matters.  So don’t ask us for this week’s lottery numbers!

These Readings are general only, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.  As always, the choice is yours. These Readings are only possible indications, ideas and suggestions.  It’s up to you to make your own decisions. 

Think of these Readings and posts as your friend, and use them as you would your friend, to consult with, ask, talk to and so on. Your friend wouldn’t make decisions for you, rather they would help you to decide for yourself.  You have free will and can change your mind at any time.  

Remember, that any decision you make will and can change at a moments notice, as you live your life, things are constantly changing and evolving, as they should, in a natural and organic way.  If you have an important decision to make and just are not sure what to do, do nothing, give yourself time and then come back to it at a later time.  You are in control, you are the driver of your own life, no one else is.

By purchasing any of the Readings in the Readings Shop, here, you are agreeing that you:

  1. Are over 18 years of age and
  2. You understand that all sales are final, no refunds can be offered, once the Reading has been sent to the email supplied in the order, or completed face to face via Zoom.


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