This Blog is all about Insights, Readings, Thoughts and Quotes. All designed to inspire, motivate, guide, instruct, inform, amuse and entertain.  

I’m Deb Sakal and a qualified and certified Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, and will be sharing regular Readings with you, all designed to guide and inspire you, in a fun and imaginative way.  I love sharing my “knowingness” with others and imparting the wisdom and knowledge I’m guided to share.

About Deb Sakal

It’s both a gift and privilege to be able to assist people, exploring many different types of questions, concerns, problems, situations and decisions we need to make in order to move forward in our lives and businesses.  My style is very intuitive, positive, friendly and professional.  Over the years I’ve helped so many folks and clients with a myriad of different situations, it’s rare that a problem shared cannot be resolved, or a solution found to enable positive progress.  

As well as my regular Readings, I will be sharing insights, thoughts and quotes.  All to motivate, instruct and teach, to guide and impart wisdom and knowledge.  Sometimes, there will be messages from inspirational people, history, the Bible and other important works and at other times, these posts will just make us stop and think or to just be grateful and appreciate things. 

Of course, these posts can also just simply be fun, to bring some laughter into our day, to bring a smile to our face, to impart joy and happiness, or just simply to entertain us.

I do hope you enjoy the variety of posts, Readings and articles in this blog and if there is a particular subject you want information or guidance on, please message me on the Contact page.  Enjoy the blog.

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