1 Message from your Inner Witch

Your Inner Witch 2 Post
Remember, that you can decide to let this issue go, to put it behind you.  Stop for a minute and try to see what’s really going on.  Open your eyes and get to the root of the problem
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Your Career Now

Your Career Now 1 Post
So it seems as if you are in a period of change, of metamorphosis, of transformation.  It's an exciting time, although you are feeling worried and unsure of yourself.
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1 Treat For You

One Treat For You 1 Post
To find out what's your treat for you today, just read on. You can personalise this reading by choosing your own cards below. The special treat for you is to realise that you have all the treasure you need right now.
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Who Is Your Dragon?

Your Dragon 2 Post
Dragons are a form of energy, similar to spiritual guides, angels and animal guides.  Dragons are ancient, wise and with a depth of power.  You will know when your dragon is present.
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Pick 1 Card for May

1 Card Pick May 1 Post
May is the last month of meteorological Spring and this card parallels this feeling.  It's all about hope and happiness, new beginnings and growth, opportunities and synchronicity. Your life is full of promise of what is to come. 
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Your Love Life Today

Your Love Life Today 2 Post
Want the skinny on what’s in store with your love life today?  Whether you are in an existing relationship or want a new one, choose your cards from the groups below and scroll down to find out more.
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Your Weekly Cards

Your Weekly Cards March Post
You have successfully built a good career/business for yourself, plus you have a loving and happy family life.  However this week, I see you feeling like you have lost touch with your creative side
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2 Reasons to Love Spring 2022

2 Reasons to Love Spring 2022 1 Post
Love is a two way street.  When you give love to others and yourself, you get so much more back in return.  Love really does make the world go around.  This means for all kinds of love.
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What’s Going On Right Now?

What's Going On Right Now? 1 Post
The Magician is such a beautiful and positive card.  It’s all about new beginnings and moving positively forward.  "If you believe it, you can do it."  Understand that you can manifest the life that you want, you can be, do and have anything you want.
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